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I arrived home from my first trip to chemo back in November to a super yummy surprise—cupcakes from a local favorite, Bakeshop.  During my cancer treatment, my friends overwhelmed me with “little happies” as my friend, Lucy, would say.  Lots of cupcakes, cookies, favorite candy, my new favorite salted caramel gelato…  Sometimes they’d come as a dessert with dinner, but lots of times, they just showed up on my front porch!  I know we all have images of that woman going through chemo treatment who is waif-like thin from being so sick.  It turns out now, most breast cancer patients actually gain weight.  The anti-nausea meds make it easier to eat, and the steroids even increase appetite.  I have to say, with all the cupcakes and other yummy treats that appeared at my house, it’s lucky that I weighed the same when I finished chemo as when I started!  But they were so yummy, I would have been ok to have a few extra pounds to lose before summer!  Many thanks to all the friends who brightened my day with a sweet “happy!”

This post is part of a series of what I’ll miss from my time as a cancer patient.  I know cancer is a serious thing, not everyone tolerates treatment well, and not everyone recovers.  I don’t mean to offend by making light of a serious subject.  These posts are just a glimpse of my efforts to make the best of my situation—to find the silver linings wherever I can.

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