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Chemo #6

Oops, no picture today!  I was lucky to have dear, sweet friend come along today.  We spent many hours watching our little ones play when they were in preschool, sadly she and her sweet family moved the morning after our “big kids” graduated from preschool.  It was a treat to see her again today after much too long an absence.  We scored a private room and chatted about everything—catching up on family, friends, new things in our lives.  We ordered lunch from Lost Dog (like the good old days!) and managed to get them to deliver it to us at the infusion center.  Good times.  Needless to say, all the chatting and eating and catching up distracted us, so no picture today.  Suffice it to say I’d have had a big smile on my face if we’d remembered.

I’m still feeling well, not a bit of nausea– so thankful!  This round of chemo is a little harder– there are a couple of days when I’m pretty beat and have some weird bone pain. Even that’s not so bad, though.  I’ve been having hot flashes– how fun is that?! Thankfully, though, I’ve been able to get some medications to keep that under control, and so I’ve been more comfortable and sleeping much better. I’ve also started having some neuropathy– three of my fingertips feel sort of funny, like when you come in from the cold and they’re just a little numb.  It’s expected, and not a problem until I can’t do things like put on my jewelry.  Knowing how much I like my jewelry, that would be a big problem, so I’m hoping that won’t be an issue.  Glad they’re ready to nip it in the bud if it comes to that!


Chemo #4


chemo 4

Today I headed to chemo with yet another friend.  I’m a chatter, so taking along a friend is fun.  There are a couple of private rooms at the infusion center, and we try to snag those when we can.  I always worry that we’ll have too much fun and all our chatting and laughing will bug people who are sicker.  Or grumpier.  Yesterday I ran into the social worker who runs several support groups at the cancer center.  She noticed that three young women with breast cancer would all having chemo at about the same time today, and so she had asked that we all be put in the same common room.  Michelle was one treatment ahead of me on the same chemo schedule, and the French girl (yes, she’s French, and no, I don’t remember her name!) was on her first treatment.  The French girl and I were able to hear all about what to expect from surgery from Michelle, who’d opted to do that first.  And Michelle and I were able to let the French girl know what was coming from chemo.  She was glad to hear how well we were handling chemo, and it clearly relieved her aunt, who had come with her.  Both of the other girls there were a little younger than me and were unmarried without any kids.  A big decision young women face before starting chemo is whether to save their eggs.  Chemo throws you into menopause and probably wrecks your eggs even if you bounce out of menopause post treatment, so saving eggs is necessary if you want to have biological children.  Both of these women had opted to forgo egg harvesting knowing that it would involve a lot of hormone injections and a painful surgery and would delay cancer treatment.  It was so wonderful that the friend I took along had been through IVF treatments and so knew all about what they would have faced with the egg harvesting. She was able to tell them about her experiences and the adoption of her son, encouraging them that they had made a good decision.  So while I know I’ll probably check the availability of the private room again, I’ll make sure that I pop out to check on my new friends, too.


Chemo #1

Just wanted to pop in to let everyone know that the treatment went pretty well today. It didn’t hurt, and I felt fine afterward. People might think we’re crazy, but Sally snapped a few photos of the day just to document it.


Before we got started, I had a few moments to relax and model my super comfy new chemo outfit.  I think it’ll get worn more than every other Thursday!


I still don’t love the port, but am getting used to it, and it sure made the chemo easy.  They basically just plug me in and it’s done and I can have both hands and arms free.

chemo round 1

I know I said it before, but I literally couldn’t look up the website for a wig shop another lady mentioned without getting a text from someone wishing me well.  You all overwhelmed me with your love and kindness!


After heading home, I met Sally at a wig shop with much better customer service than the first one I visited. They had the same style of wig I’d liked before (and I still preferred that one) and we found another wig that was a great color. It’s pretty much what I envision my hair would look like if I spent a fortune and had it glossed and highlighted. So I placed the order, and it will be here in a week or two. (As an aside, I was surprised that my insurance covers almost all of the cost of the wig with my “cranial prosthesis” prescription.)

I did start feeling a little crummy later in the afternoon, but took some meds so now I feel better, though am getting a bit sleepy. I wonder how long until I can tell the chemo related sleepy from general mom sleepiness?

I should also say that I continue to be overwhelmed by the goodness of my friends. I got countless texts, emails, and FB messages today from people who, even with their own very busy lives, managed to remember my crazy schedule and send me their love and prayers. We had a yummy dinner and a lots of desserts. Magazines, books, and lots of other great little ideas to pass the time are so thoughtful. I appreciate each and every one of them, and each and every one of you!

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