A New Schedule

There’s not been much new to report in the past few days. I’m still feeling pretty well and certainly am not going to complain about anything. I did miss my afternoon nap one day, and I was pretty worn out, but that’s so much less bad than I’d expected. I also figured out after eating a bunch of fruit last night that my mouth might be getting a little sensitive, so I’m laying off things with too much acid for the time being. After that incident last night, all I could think about was how much I wanted a milkshake, so I stopped and got one today at Chick-fil-A– they make really good milkshakes! I made Sally taste it several times and she said she thought it might be a little “off.” I think my tastebuds might be starting to be affected though, it seemed a LOT off to me. At least I won’t end up gaining a ton of weight from all the milkshakes!

I was next door to the Chick-fil-A because I was picking up my wig. It still needs some breaking in, and it’s hard to really tell how it’s going to look since I have so much hair for it to cover right now. But I think it looks a lot like my real hair, so I was pleased about that.


This week was nothing like I’d feared, and so I’m eager to go to my appointments next week to find out if the week is an accurate representation of what chemo will continue to be like. I’m definitely back to the schedule one keeps with a new baby– do what you can in the morning because that afternoon nap is essential– but that feels like something I can handle. And I know that it might continue to get harder, but I’m so thankful for the unexpected gift of an extra good week.

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