The Best of Friends


Sally is a dear, sweet friend.  I have a feeling that in the coming months, I’m going to learn even more about what it means to be a good friend by seeing all that she does for me.  There are a few perks to having that dear, sweet friend also be a professional photographer.  For one, I have some super fabulous family pictures! Another perk: meeting more photographers!  Today we met up with Crystal of Lily B Photogrpahy, who took this lovely picture of the two of us.  We had a great morning corralling kiddos and taking pictures, followed by yummy coffee at a favorite coffee shop.  I really love this image Crystal captured of me by myself.


But the funny thing is I was really just posing to goof off a bit, Sally wanted to capture this image of her own:

how we roll crystal

Yes, Crystal took our pictures that close to a busy road while her infant hung out (pun intended!) in her Ergo carrier.  Because that, my friends, is how we roll.

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