Laundry Doesn’t Stop For Cancer

I met a new friend a couple of weeks ago, a friend of a friend, who has just finished her battery of treatments for breast cancer. I enjoyed talking with her, she gave me some tips and even a few hats! She’s a writer and commented that if she were to write a book about her experience, it would be entitled Laundry Doesn’t Stop for Cancer. Not that I’ve been doing nothing but laundry for the last week, but it’s been a “normal” week. And being a mom doesn’t stop just because I have cancer. So I’ve been keeping busy with normal mom things, and am thrilled that I’ve been able.

I’m still holding my afternoons sacred for naps, but have managed to last this long and still have no nausea, so we’ve been able to reduce my steroids (which help control nausea) in the hopes that I’ll sleep better– they make me pretty wired!
With the holidays coming, there are plenty of “normal events” to keep me busy: concerts, parties, dinners. As long as I can, I’ll keep napping my afternoons away so that I can keep up with my family during this busy time of year. And so I can keep up with all this laundry.

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