Time Flies

Tomorrow is chemo day #4. As in #4 of eight. So that will put me at the halfway mark of treatments. I can’t believe how quickly they’re going by. Being sick last week, I was a little worried that I might have to put off chemo this week. Luckily, my blood counts were all good enough to qualify me for chemo, so there’s no delay. This will be the last of my AC treatments, and I’ll start a new drug after Christmas. Apparently, the side effects of the new drug aren’t as “bad” as with AC, so it’s usually easier for people to tolerate. Since I’ve done so well with AC, I’m hoping that I’ll find the next one equally easy to tolerate.

I do still have a lingering cough that I’d love to get rid of, but I usually hang on to a cough for a while after I’ve been sick, so it’s really not all that unusual. That said, I don’t usually hang around that many people with compromised immune systems, and I really hate to cough around them, even if I’m not contagious. So if you could all pray this cough away, I’d be thrilled!

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