Calm Before the Storm

I tend to think of the last week before a holiday as the calm before the storm. But not so much this year. With a week wiped out by bronchitis and sinus infection, any plans for “getting ahead” vanished quickly. Moments of calm, where I think I might be caught up, are interjected with moments of panic at all there is to do! Thankfully, we’re mostly finished with the school projects, and I think I only have two or three more gifts to pick out, then pick up. (It’s the picking out that’s really getting me!)

We’re looking forward to hosting Christmas at our house this year– kind of necessary as I have my “half way” appointment with my surgeon the day after Christmas and a chemo treatment the day after that. But we have been so blessed that the cousin of a dear friend has offered to share her home with my family while she is out of town! I remain overwhelmed by her generosity. And so we will be able to spend the holiday with my parents, my brother, his wife and their new baby without having to be on top of each other in our little house!  (Plus the new baby is a bit colicky—so I’m super glad she’s sleeping a mile or so away!)

While I look at this week as a bit of a storm of activity before what will hopefully be a calm holiday week, I hope to enjoy every bit of it. A few more things on the to-do list, a few fun activities, too… I may still have that lingering cough (keep those prayers coming!) but I’m not going to let that slow me down.

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