Adding Insult to Injury

brow set

I mentioned it before, but within 24 hours of arriving home from the hospital, all my eyelashes and eyebrows had fallen out. Seriously? Somehow it never bothered me to go in public without a wig or even a hat, but it killed me to even go around my house sans lashes and brows. Thankfully, I already had a set of false lashes I’d bought in the fall (pre-cancer) to play with. They’re not easy to put on, but I got quicker with practice. Eyeliner became super important—lining first with a good dark liner (I used a liquid water proof liner by L’Oreal that I found at Target. Like this but waterproof) gave me a little room for error so that I didn’t have to be quite so perfect in my application. And that same eyeliner did a good job defining my eyes so that I could skip lashes on days when I just didn’t care enough to put in the time. The Anastasia brow gel that I loved to darken my super blonde brows didn’t quite do the trick once the blonde hairs were gone. So I headed back to Nordstrom and asked for their help. They pointed me to a different Anastasia product (brow express) that does a fabulous job of faking brows. It takes a while to do my brows since they don’t exist—using a stencil and several other products. But to me, it’s so worth it. And I can already see some little lashes and brows starting to grow back in, so hopefully the long process won’t be necessary soon.

2 thoughts on “Adding Insult to Injury

  1. You are a treasure, and your blog is a gift to many. Even those who have not had the battle you have. Love the title… and I did chuckle as I read this post because… I never thought much of eyebrows till you kindly suggested I wax when i said you looked awesome. I hope that my post here is not read by too many becuase then everyone is going to be inspecting my eyebrows (and what if I happen to be behind in keeping them up that day?) oh, the pressure.


    1. I still don’t remember that eyebrow conversation. I just hope I really was as kind as you say, and that my comment was more of the “I was surprised how much a difference waxing my own eyebrows made!” and less of the “You really need to wax those bushy brows, girl!” variety. And just in case the reality would dash my hopes– many sincere apologies! But yes, I talk about my eyebrows a lot. Saving the world, one eyebrow at a time. I do what I can.


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