Thank Goodness

It’s only been about a month since they all fell out, but my eyebrows and lashes are pretty much grown back.  Since they all fell out at the same time, they all grew back in at the same time, so I’ve even waxed my brows to clean them up a bit!  Such a relief—putting on those eyelashes really took some time and getting used to.  I liked the way they looked, but just slathering on a coat or two of mascara is so much faster!  And while I’ve really gotten to like using the Anastasia brow kit with the wax and two toned powders, the brow gel really is a lot faster.  I think I’ll probably go the wax/powder route when I’m really “doing” my makeup, but the gel is nice when I just want to throw on something quickly to get out the door.  Even better, I think that my brows have come in a little darker, so I don’t have to strain to see them before I get around to dressing them up. Gotta take the perks when I can. Speaking of which, my hair is still coming in, it’s so soft—Emma Clare loves to rub my head.  But it’s still so light, not quite white blonde, but so  much lighter than it used to be.  Now that I have super short hair and don’t have to spend ages on my brows and lashes, I’m finally getting back to a pretty low maintenance morning routine.  I could get used to this!

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