Getting My Model On

I had the best time this week out and about Old Town with the always lovely Sally of Sally Brewer Photography.  I wanted some nice updated photos of myself—I don’t really feel like the old ones with all that hair really look like me anymore!  And so we traipsed around Old Town, me doing my very best to not blink while she captured the new, short-haired me!  Because that’s how we roll, I changed clothes (and lipstick!) several times, and she photographed me in several different spots.  I’ll probably break it up into a few posts because it’s too hard to pick even three or four favorites!
I’m sure not every woman who has gone through breast cancer can find such a fabulous photographer to document her journey and how she’s come through it.  I know so many women fear breast cancer will steal their beauty, make them feel less feminine. But I feel like someone who didn’t know the long-haired, pre-surgery Jamie wouldn’t begin to imagine what my body has gone through in the past year.  Looking at these pictures, I see a healthy, happy, confident woman.  I couldn’t have hoped for more.  These photos are such a treasure.  Many thanks to my dear friend, Sally.
lipstick: Dubonnet by MAC

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