An Ever Present Reminder

prayer card

I’ve already told you about Uncle Bruce’s prayer, but his sweet wife was praying for me, too.  As were so many at their small church.  I know this was not the only church where I was on a prayer list, but their church went one step further than most.  I’ve received a card like this one every week since last October (and they’re still coming)!  After Wednesday night’s prayer meeting, they all sign a card for each person on the prayer list.  Really, a rather simple gesture, but such a sweet reminder.  It was truly a pleasure to be able to visit the church when we were there a couple of weeks ago and meet many of the people whose names I’ve seen on a card each week.  Also a pleasure– I was able to meet them over a church luncheon complete with fried chicken, blueberry pie, and sweet tea!

One thought on “An Ever Present Reminder

  1. Wow! what a blessing to meet those people who were praying for you.
    I was blessed to have many people praying for me, my church, my friends’ churches, extended family and their churches (plus I’ve been told one synagogue.) No way I will ever meet or even know who many of the people who prayed for me were, but I’ve had some interesting experiences meeting a few people who “met” me first on their church’s prayer list.


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