Summer fun trumps surgery


It’s summer time, and that means swim lessons, VBS, and fun with friends.  Last week, it meant all three, all before noon.  Busy times!  Turner and I managed to squeeze in some fun with my phone while Emma Clare was in swim lessons.  We thought I should show off my new hairstyle, flipped up in the front.  Big news, huh?

If it weren’t for all the summer fun (and heat and humidity), I could be going in for surgery this week.  It’s been six weeks since I last saw the plastic surgeon, and so my skin has healed enough for me to have my final surgery.  I’m definitely ready– this phase of the reconstruction, while not painful, is certainly uncomfortable.  Plus, I’m so eager just to be finished.  I’ll still have another minor procedure or two after that, but for the most part, that surgery signals the beginning of the end of all of this.  Unfortunately, that surgery also signifies the beginning of four weeks in compression gear, not so friendly for a hot, sticky DC August.  Or trips to the pool with my two new swimmers.

And so I’ll wait until school starts before I head back to the familiar turf of the outpatient surgery center at Virginia Hospital Center.  But I’m not waiting long, because I’m ready.  Ready to be finished with all this.

Lipstick: Fuchsia Flash by Smashbox

One thought on “Summer fun trumps surgery

  1. I need some advice. After surgery, do we say “You look great !” “They look great!” Where is Emily Post when you need her?


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