Hopefully just one last IV for me for a very long time

I was back at the plastic surgeon’s office today, for my second pre-op appointment.  My surgery isn’t scheduled until after school starts, but he likes to do the pre-op appointments early to be sure I’ve had time to ask any questions and get everything I need.  I came away with two more scripts– heavy duty antibiotics to prevent infection after the surgery and more lovely percocet (which I probably won’t need).  He explained to me that this surgery is much less invasive and all the trauma has already been done, so it should be a pretty easy recovery.  The mastectomy involved cutting, moving, and stretching of muscle, and that hurts.  But this surgery will literally be a swap out, so no new cutting or stretching.  I also got a pamphlet for medical grade compression gear, we’re talking gear so tight it requires multiple sets of hooks and eyes just so you can zip it up.  So if your spanx just aren’t cutting it and you want something even stronger, I can totally hook you up.

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