Making Progress

champion sports bra

Today’s a big day.  My last day in the compression bra.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my compression bra ordeal lately– the ones they sent home from the hospital were so bad, I’m going to talk to my surgeon about some better options.  Not that I’ll ever have to wear one again (and I am SO glad!), but there has to be a better option.  And even the one from Nordstrom that I’ve been washing each night after dinner so that I can wear it again the next morning has some issues.  To really be truly compressive enough, it can’t have any shape, and this one has just a little bit of shape built in, so the only reason it works for me is that it’s a size or two smaller than I currently measure.

Regardless, I’ll be moving to something more like the picture above in a few hours.  I was going in search of my favorite sports bra, and am devastated that it is no longer on the Champion website.  (It’s a good thing I started hoarding them a couple of years ago!) It’s a high support sports bra, which is good for my current needs.  But they key is that it’s more of an old-school sports bra– completely flat.  No fancy ruching, no molded cups, no underwire. To get good post-surgery compression (and the OK from my surgeon), it has to be completely flat. It’s hard to be sure online, but this one looks like a good alternative to my favorite (now discontinued) sports bra.  But probably the best thing about moving to this stage of recovery? Only two more weeks until I can go back to wearing whatever I want!

2 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. Hi Jamie, just a thought on bras…I had a lumpectomy and a breast reduction in April. I am still sensitive where the scars are so I’ve opted for wearing soft cotton sports type bras with no underwire. I also have one Victoria’s Secret “real” bra with no underwire that I wear when I want to feel especially pretty. Additionally, my sister had a double mastectomy about 8 years ago and she is unable to wear underwire bras either. My plastic surgeon (who was a much better surgeon that my sister’s) told me I could wear underwire if I wanted to but I find them very uncomfortable now. So if you’re thinking about wearing underwire, just be sure you’ll be comfortable. Scars seem to change everything.


    1. As eager as I am to go buy something new to wear when I’m allowed, I’m going to wait so that I can really try and be sure what I end up with is comfortable. Like everything lately, I think I’m just going to be playing it by ear! (So good to see your comments here, thanks for leaving them!)


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