Happy Cancerversary

August 2012 at Topsail Island. Probably the last picture of me where I was blissfully unaware of the cancer growing in my left breast.

One year ago, on Friday, October 5, I heard the words that would certainly change my life. “Invasive breast cancer… Triple negative…” You hear about mothers who receive inexplicable strength to lift cars off of their children– something takes over and it’s as if they lose the ability to panic. They do what needs to be done, and that’s it. One year ago this weekend, I became that mother. I’m not talking about the physical strength, or even the mom protecting her kiddos, I’m talking about the shutting down of emotion, the getting it done.

I re-read the post where I talked about that call, and honestly teared up when I got to the part where I spoke to my oncologist. She told me it would be a rough year, and then it would be over. I didn’t doubt her, but I don’t know that I totally believed her. I just nodded and made my plans for the next step. Just get it done. And now, this weekend (specifically tomorrow) marks one year since learning I had cancer. Want to know what I’m doing today? Buying a new bra. I’m healthy and out of compression gear. I’m going shopping for the next (much longer) season in my life. I guess my oncologist was right after all. It’s been a year, and now it’s over.


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