New Tunes | Runnin’ Like a Mother With Spotify

mother runners
Sally and me with Sarah and Dimity, authors of Run Like a Mother, May 2012

I have to admit that I’ve heard of Spotify, but hadn’t gotten around to finding out anything about it.  I’ve had Pandora for ages, and have been happy enough with it to bother with anything new. Big. Mistake.

I adore the ladies at Run Like A Mother. (If you’re a mother runner, or have even considered taking up running, you must read their book. It will get you out the door, I promise!) Sarah works tirelessly to create special running playlists, and I’ve taken lots of her suggestions to add to my little iPod shuffle. Last week, their blog featured the 50 Best Running Songs, and provided a link to the playlist on Spotify. I headed there right away and got my own account immediately. I tried it out on my run today, and was delighted.  I could head straight to the mother runners’ playlist and shuffle through their picks.  It is definitely a diverse playlist, but it was so much fun!  Those six miles literally flew by as I anticipated the next song. A few songs were brand new to me, one started off so depressing, but seriously, hang with it.  I was literally laughing out loud as I ran down the trail.  I’m not super speedy, so six miles takes a while, and I didn’t hear one single ad, even on the free version. (I’m looking at you, Pandora.) It didn’t drain my phone, but I’m guessing you’d have to watch out for data usage if you don’t have an unlimited plan. But since I do, I’m afraid my little shuffle might not get much action anymore. I think I’ll tuck my phone into my SPIbelt (also a must have in my book– it doesn’t bounce around at all!) and head out with Spotify.

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