Don’t Try To Make Me Cry

photo 3

I don’t know about you, but I’m so over the commercials for the Avon Walk. I have nothing against Avon, I think a lab I was in had some funding from them at some point. And I even did the Avon Walk back when it was the Avon 3Day, in 2002. The shirt they gave me as I finished my third day and sixtieth mile is way too big, faded, and bleach stained. Yet I still wear it.

So I have nothing against Avon or their walk. But the commercials are killing me.  I’m sure they’ve funded some good research and helped some women get mammograms. But the notion (that’s all over their commercials) that my signing up today will save the life of my just diagnosed friend bugs me more every time I hear it.  The notion that if I don’t walk, I am depriving her of the ability to see her daughter get married. Really, if she’s already diagnosed, then a mammogram or next year’s research isn’t going to make a difference for her.

I think what irritates me is the overly emotional plea. I feel like they want to make me cry, they want to manipulate me into signing up for the walk. Emotional manipulation like that just weakens the credibility of an argument.  That makes me so sad, because I think there is validity to the walk. If you want to convince me, tell me that the research will help my daughter, future generations. Tell me how many women will get a mammogram the very next year just because I walked.  But please, Avon, don’t try to make me cry.

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