Kids Will Be Kids | (And a Pixie Grow-out Update)

zoo with turner

After my haircut last week, I was a chaperone on the first grade zoo field trip.  Being in charge of a big group of kids at the zoo is a nightmare. On this trip, though, they make a big deal out of getting a lot of parents to go, so I ended up in charge of Turner. And that’s it. Ironically, I realized that Turner and I haven’t gone on many adventures by ourselves, we always had Emma Clare in tow. He was so cute, holding my hand, and he was in charge of the map– choosing our next stop and directing us to our destination. (Which was probably a good thing, knowing my sense of direction!)  The arrival of three new elephants to the zoo complicated things and kept our time there short, but it was fun to have some one on one time with my boy.

unicorn with ecLest anyone worry that my hair is getting too short with all the cutting, Emma Clare would assure you that it is growing.  At the bus stop, she decided that I was ready for a more sophisticated hairstyle. She calls it my unicorn ponytail.  I haven’t had a lot of girl time with this precious one, either. But this weekend the boys are going camping, so I’m sure she’ll have some big plans for us. (I’m also nearly sure that it will involve Chick-fil-A and a pedicure!)

2 thoughts on “Kids Will Be Kids | (And a Pixie Grow-out Update)

  1. The unicorn ponytail reminds me of the kind you tried to get with Tess when her hair was (finally) growing. So the table has turned…..


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