Surgery Wrap Up

The view from the exam table at my plastic surgeon's office
At the plastic surgeon’s office. Yep, that’s an implant on the sink. Because you know you want to touch it.

One week after surgery I headed back in for my post-op appointment. The one week appointment isn’t too eventful.  I won’t go through my whole outfit, but you need to be sure to dig out those good panties again.  Bonus points if you have two good pair, just in case the doctor remembers that you were wearing that same pair before.  And don’t forget, if you’re wearing spanx for compression, you need to toss those panties in your bag because you’ll have to ditch the spanx when you put on the paper gown so that the doc can check the liposuction incisions, and I’m betting that you’d rather not stand open-gowned to be examined– and have a full conversation– commando. (Which reminds me, I need to dig those panties back out of my purse so I don’t accidentally fling them out when I’m pulling out my wallet at Target…)

OK, now that we have the panties situation out of the way, on to the appointment.  My surgeon was pleased with the results so far.  The places he put the fat look much better.  He was very optimistic, though cautiously– but that’s just his character.  He’s a very conservative doctor, but he gets great results. He warned me that we can’t really judge until all the swelling goes down.  The six week appointment (the camera comes back out for that one, so all the panties and grooming talk applies again) will give us a very good idea, but he reserves all judgment for the three month follow up.  By that time, all the swelling and bruising should be completely gone.

And now for the big news: I still had good fat in my flanks! He was so sure that I wouldn’t, he made incisions in my abdomen and prepped it for liposuction before he started suctioning my legs. As it turns out, though, I’ve got some quality fat in my thighs. I’m so proud. He decided not to take any fat from my abdomen after all. Because he thought we should save it. In case I need it later. I wonder if anyone else has ever decided that they should save their fat for later?  I think he thought I’d be disappointed. But after three or four days above ninety degrees, my only thought was to ask whether I could ditch the super high waisted spanx. The prep work could leave me with some abdominal swelling, so he said I should stick it out for another week, but I’m thrilled to be able to switch to the low waist girdle in a few days. Plus, I got to keep my belly fat in case I need it later.  A win-win, right?

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