Navigating the Challenges of Cancer | A Video Series with ASCO


Back in December, when my hair was short and Emma Clare was in the throes of Christmas Drama drama, I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon at ASCO recording an interview that would be used as part of their “Navigating Challenges” video series.  The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is the professional organization for oncologists– they publish an academic journal, organize several conferences for oncologists to meet and discuss research, and they serve as a resource for oncologists across the country and around the world.  They also sponsor and maintain the website– a reputable resource for cancer patients and caregivers.

I spoke a couple of times in two different videos: Making Decisions about Your Cancer Treatment and Finding Emotional Support after a Cancer Diagnosis. They are a compilation of interviews with oncologists and cancer survivors.  In all honesty, loyal readers probably won’t hear anything new from me, most of the topics I’ve already discussed here. I talked about the importance of limiting internet research to only the most reputable sources.  I reminded patients and caregivers that it’s important to accept help when they need it, and that there is value in sharing experiences and stories with others going through the same things.

I’d like to think that someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer might watch these videos and learn something that will make the process a little easier.  I learned something, too.  I learned that I move my head a lot when I talk, I look up and to the left when I’m thinking, and I really love my hair that short!   (I may have to work on at least a couple of those…)  And while I can’t say that I didn’t already know it, trying to get a screen grab to post here showed me yet again what Sally knows all too well– I blink a lot!

It was a privilege to be part of a project with such a big potential impact.  This series, Navigating Challenges after a Cancer Diagnosis, was possible because of the generosity of the Livestrong Foundation and the Conquer Cancer Foundation.


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