Celebrating Milestones and Lingering Doubts | CURE Magazine


I think you all know by now that I’m all about setting little goals and milestones and celebrating them in ways big and small. Some celebrations require a little more forethought, and so I’ve come up with something to celebrate three years cancer free this spring. The picture is your hint, head on over to CURE Magazine to get the details!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Milestones and Lingering Doubts | CURE Magazine

  1. Jamie, I just stumbled across your blog while googling how soon I can start running again after double mastectomy/reconstruction. Wow! Your blog is now in my bookmarks – I have read several posts and have found some encouragement in the midst of the fears. You have put into words many of the things I have felt these past two and a half months since my diagnosis. Things like whether or not the word “survivor” fits and where to find a decent post surgery bra and “don’t worry your pretty little head” about those false positives. A 3D mammogram (the first time I had chosen that option over the regular) revealed my invasive breast cancer. I am grateful that I chose that option and wasn’t following the new guidelines – my mammo was normal last year. Just wanted to say, “Thank you”, from a fellow warrior! 🙂


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