T Minus Ten…

T minus ten days. Ten days until chemo starts. A friend at church this weekend asked me if I was nesting just like moms about to give birth. Maybe. I did make a pretty big trip to BJs today, and I spent a lot of time this weekend making sure Emma Clare no longer qualifies to be on an episode of “Hoarders.” But really, getting ready for chemo isn’t nearly as fun as preparing to welcome a new baby.

Today I went to a wig store. I was thoroughly convinced that I did not want a wig. I only caved and agreed to look (with a not so good attitude) after deciding that it might be easier for the kids, especially at school functions, if I had hair. I had prepared myself for a completely frustrating and depressing outing, but was pleasantly surprised. I managed to find one that I don’t hate, in fact it looks very much like my hair. On a good hair day! I might be able to get used to good hair without all the styling! So that’s one thing off my list.  (This is NOT the wig I liked.  But I thought it was a close contender.  And that’s why it’s good to take a photographer wig shopping.  No way does that look like me!)

unfortunate wig

Wednesday I’ll go to chemo class. Sounds super fun, doesn’t it? But it will be good I’m sure, and it will hopefully give me a pretty good idea of what to expect once chemo starts. Then Thursday will be (I hope!) my last trip to the hospital before chemo. I’ll have one last biospy, this time of a lymph node, and they’ll put in the port that will be used to administer chemo.

I also stocked up on Purell and Lysol wipes on my trip to BJs today. I’m going to have to channel my germophobe friends (you know who you are!) in the coming months. Clay and I have already gotten our flu shots, but the kids will be getting them in the morning. Turner already pointed out that the doctor told him he wouldn’t need anymore shots until he was 11. That boy forgets nothing!

The best part of getting ready didn’t occur to me until today. One of the side effects of chemo is a change in taste. So I only have ten days to eat as many of my favorite things as possible just in case I don’t enjoy them anymore after chemo! I’d better get busy!

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