Visitors, visitors

We’re just wrapping up a fun weekend at the Holloway house. Thursday while I was in the hospital being tortured (OK, it wasn’t that bad), my parents were on the road and my brother was in the air on the way to Arlington. They’ve all been dying to come and visit and this weekend seemed like a good time. I figured it would be the calm before the storm (pun intended!) and would be a good time to do something fun or run some errands. But it turns out that getting the port put in was a much bigger deal than I’d anticipated. It’s actually minor surgery, I was sedated and was lucky that Patrick got into town early and could come and pick me up. And I was thrilled to have the whole crew here to do the driving so that I could enjoy the benefits of my Percocet. The kids had a blast with all the family in town– lots of people to play with.

Uncle Patrick was supposed to leave tomorrow afternoon, but it turns out we have another visitor coming and it seemed like he might do better to leave early. As his wife, Kelly, is 38 weeks pregnant, no one wanted him getting stuck here with a closed airport due to our visitor, Sandy. We don’t get hurricanes here very often, but it looks like this one might be a big deal. At least, that’s what the news media would have us believe.

I was a little bummed because I have a few last errands to run before chemo, and it’s no fun to run errands in the rain. But I figured if ever there were a time to power through, it’s the week before chemo. But now it turns out that our next visitor is throwing quite a curve into my plans. The kids are already off school for tomorrow, and Tuesday is supposed to be the “big” day. I’m betting that they’ll be off school Tuesday too. For their sake, I sure hope there’s school on Wednesday, I know they’ll want to have their fun halloween parties and parade. And I’m betting it will be no fun to trick or treat in a hurricane!

On more cancer related news, at least I don’t have any appointments scheduled the first part of this week. This biopsy went much easier than the last. The radiologist couldn’t find any abnormal lymph nodes, so she biopsied the area but doesn’t expect any abnormal findings. As I said, the port was a bigger procedure than I’d thought, and I was super sore Thursday and Friday. It’s definitely gotten better, but it’s still pretty tender. All the doctors and nurses reassured me that after a week or so, I won’t even notice that it’s there, and I’ll love it since it means I won’t need an IV at all. Of course, I feel like Frankenstein because you can see it under the skin– just under my collarbone– and I think it looks pretty freaky.

I’m really hoping we don’t lose power with this storm, for lots of reasons. But I’m so thankful that the worst of the storm is supposed to be early in the week. Surely even if there are widespread power losses, my chemo on Thursday won’t be delayed. And so I’ll do my best to enjoy the found time with my family and not focus on the unimportant errands I’m not running.

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