Chemo #1

Just wanted to pop in to let everyone know that the treatment went pretty well today. It didn’t hurt, and I felt fine afterward. People might think we’re crazy, but Sally snapped a few photos of the day just to document it.


Before we got started, I had a few moments to relax and model my super comfy new chemo outfit.  I think it’ll get worn more than every other Thursday!


I still don’t love the port, but am getting used to it, and it sure made the chemo easy.  They basically just plug me in and it’s done and I can have both hands and arms free.

chemo round 1

I know I said it before, but I literally couldn’t look up the website for a wig shop another lady mentioned without getting a text from someone wishing me well.  You all overwhelmed me with your love and kindness!


After heading home, I met Sally at a wig shop with much better customer service than the first one I visited. They had the same style of wig I’d liked before (and I still preferred that one) and we found another wig that was a great color. It’s pretty much what I envision my hair would look like if I spent a fortune and had it glossed and highlighted. So I placed the order, and it will be here in a week or two. (As an aside, I was surprised that my insurance covers almost all of the cost of the wig with my “cranial prosthesis” prescription.)

I did start feeling a little crummy later in the afternoon, but took some meds so now I feel better, though am getting a bit sleepy. I wonder how long until I can tell the chemo related sleepy from general mom sleepiness?

I should also say that I continue to be overwhelmed by the goodness of my friends. I got countless texts, emails, and FB messages today from people who, even with their own very busy lives, managed to remember my crazy schedule and send me their love and prayers. We had a yummy dinner and a lots of desserts. Magazines, books, and lots of other great little ideas to pass the time are so thoughtful. I appreciate each and every one of them, and each and every one of you!

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