The Good Kind of Negative

Usually the word “negative” carries a, well, negative connotation. But not so much in the medical field. This week, I got two good negative reports. The genetic analysis came back negative, meaning that I do not carry any of the mutations greatly increasing my (and Emma Clare’s) risk for breast and ovarian cancer. So it looks like I’ll get to hold onto my ovaries after all. And the biopsy of my axilla (such a great word, so much more genteel than armpit!) also came back negative– no cancer found there. They’ll still have to test at least one lymph node in surgery to make sure that the cancer hasn’t traveled out of the breast, but for now, this is good news. I felt pretty sure these tests would both be negative, but somehow it felt nice to hear my sweet surgeon giving me good news for once!

Day 2 post chemo went pretty well. I’m a little flushed from the steroids, I just look like I spent too much time in the (nonexistent) sun. But I had good energy and a normal appetite, so that was nice. Since I felt fine, I didn’t take any anti-nausea meds, and that might have been a mistake. We’ll call it a learning experience, since on top of fighting nausea they knock you out. I didn’t sleep well (the steroids keep me awake) but I’m taking advantage of the alone early morning time to catch up on a few things while I do have the energy. And I’m already looking forward to my afternoon nap!

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