On Borrowed Time

I’ve had my first round of chemo. I’m going on the assumption that I will eventually feel crummy, that’s what chemo does, after all. But apparently these steroids they’re giving me are super awesome, so I don’t feel bad. In fact, the port doesn’t hurt at all, and my wrist, which has been bugging me since the end of summer, feels great! I did take a nap today, but this evening I have been uber-productive.

The thing is, part of the productivity is born of the knowledge that I may feel good now, but the tired days are on their way. I’m eager to see how I’ll feel tomorrow. Next round, the Sunday after chemo I’m supposed to run in the Girls on the Run 5k with Emma Clare. If I can’t run it, Clay can, or a neighbor and her daughter offered to let Emma Clare run with them. But Emma Clare and I had been planning on running this together, and so I’m going to do my best. She said it’s ok if we have to walk part of it. So I think I’ll head to bed so I can get some rest to see if I can bang out a practice 5k in the morning. But before I head to bed, I’m taking one of those fabulous anti-nausea meds so that I can sleep through the steroid energy blast!

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