A New Year

Happy New Year, all! We had a wonderful Christmas here, lots of food, family, and fun! It was such a delight to have my parents and my brother and his family. It was fun to celebrate Christmas at our house, and we were able to work in everyone’s traditions. On Christmas Eve, we decided to forgo a fancy meal and have our traditional [Holloway] Christmas Pizza– which we usually enjoy the night before we leave for our Christmas road trip to the grandparents. It’s easy, everyone loves it, and there are no leftovers to worry about before we open our presents from each other. This year after the Christmas Eve service at church, we all had some yummy pizza. Our guests headed back to their house (thanks again to Cecie’s cousin, Clay, for letting them house sit for her!) and we opened our family presents. Then Christmas morning, mom got to share the tradition her mom passed to her, and we all enjoyed her caramel rolls. That evening, Patrick made a delicious beef tenderloin, which I gather is becoming one of his signature dishes. Yes, I guess food does play a prominent role in our family traditions!  Besides all the eating, it was great to spend time with family.  The kiddos especially loved getting to spend time with their new cousin, Molly.

2012-12-25 01.24.13 027

Two days after Christmas, it was back to reality, as I spent over five hours at the infusion center for the first of the second round of chemo treatments. This treatment was especially long since it’s a new drug for me and they wanted to be sure that I didn’t have any allergic reactions. It was a treat to have my mom come along with me this time, and I was glad for her to see that it really isn’t that bad! Since we were there so long, my dad brought lunch by, and he spent a few minutes with us, too.

round 5
This new treatment has a new set of side effects, and it seems that it’s going to fatigue me a bit more. Church on Sunday pretty much wore me out, and even after a super quick lunch and a long nap, I was still pretty useless. Luckily, I bounced back yesterday. After nearly a month of coughing incessantly, I finally stopped coughing enough to head out on a short run yesterday. I had to walk a little after a couple of big hills, but between taking some time off for the cough and being extra worn out from chemo, I’m counting that a victory!

I’m not one for making resolutions, and this year is no different. A big goal on my slate for this year was the Nike Women’s Half Marathon– Sally and I were planning to run it this spring. The timing won’t work with my surgery, so we’re setting our eyes on a half this fall. I know that the first part of this year will be difficult, three more chemo treatments to go followed by pretty significant surgery and the physical therapy, recovery and reconstruction process that will follow. But the best thing about 2013 is that I know that this time next year, as I welcome 2014, I will do so happy, healthy, and cancer free!

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