A Belated Update

I’m trying to be better about posting here on a regular basis, I wouldn’t want anyone to think that a lapse in posts is because I’m feeling badly. But really, it’s not. It’s more likely either that I’m feeling well and too busy to sit down and post or that it doesn’t seem like there’s anything new to say.  The lack of posting lately has been a little of both, but there’s lots to say today, and I’m not to busy to say it all!

Thankfully, I’ve had pretty good energy for the last week, which came in handy as we hosted Turner’s sixth birthday party and I’ve made more red velvet cupcake than I care to count. (I think 48?) Today was the first day since mid-December where I didn’t feel like I needed to be planning something. To celebrate, I went for a run after the kids went to school! Such a luxury to be able to go for a run without getting up super early!

I had the “half way” appointment with my surgeon today.  The surgeon who I saw initially and who did my biopsy is leaving the practice, so I met with a new surgeon today.  She is consistently ranked among the top surgeons in local publications and I’ve met several women who have seen her and speak well of her, so I was optimistic.  She took time to make sure I understood the surgery and my options, and she helped me make the decisions that need to be made.  I feel very comfortable with her and am confident that she is a good choice.  Pending confirmation with the plastic surgeon who will begin the reconstructive process during the same surgery, we have penciled in my surgery for February 27.  Somehow just having a date set is a relief, it makes the end of all of this seem so much nearer.

This week will be my sixth chemo treatment.  Again, being on number six of eight is wonderful– almost to the end!  For the first time, though, I’ve opted to delay this treatment by a day, and will be doing it on Friday.  Thursday I will be attending the funeral of a friend whose life was taken far too soon by cancer.  Her daughter was in Emma Clare’s preschool class.  I worried quite a bit about sharing the news with Emma Clare, and had been praying that she would take it well.  I have to admit that I was surprised with how she handled it– with equal parts wisdom beyond her years and child like innocence.  She didn’t seem at all concerned that the same disease that claimed the life of her friend’s mother would claim mine, and I couldn’t have been happier.  Perhaps even better than I, she seemed to understand that our cancers, while similar, are different.  My friend had moved away just before learning of her recurrence, and even though she was dealing with her own health problems, far more grave than mine, she sent me a card with the most appropriate sentiment just a month or so ago.  Plus, she sent me a gift card to McDonald’s, which instantly brought a smile to my face– when she was on chemo several years ago, she was so sick, and an Egg McMuffin was the only thing that sounded good to her, so I used to take her one every once in a while.  I will miss my friend, and I pray for her husband and two sweet kiddos.  Her kindness and generosity touched many lives.  I am so thankful for the nurse at my oncologist’s office who was quick to rearrange my treatment schedule at the last minute (and without a single word of protest) so that I can celebrate her life surrounded by so many of our friends.

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