Chemo #7: Mush Day


It “snowed” this morning.  OK, yes, there was snow.  A teeny bit of snow, mostly some mushy slush.  But this was our first snow of the season, and we didn’t get any decent snow last year.  The schools were quick to call a two hour delay.  And I was quick to pull out the snow boots that I bought last year and still hadn’t worn.  When we scheduled my chemo a few weeks ago, there wasn’t an early morning appointment, and I was disappointed with my later appointment.  As it turns out, though, it worked out perfectly, the kids got on the bus two hours late and I headed to my (later than usual) appointment.  The big bummer was that I was arriving at the parking garage much later in the day than usual, and the snow had covered the parking lines on some of the exposed parts of the garage so people didn’t park as efficiently as usual, so I drove around forever looking for a parking space.  There is a sort of side lot that bumps off the main part of the garage and it’s not covered.  It’s a one way area, and when I saw two different cars starting to back out in that area, I headed in to wait for a spot.  Just as the first car backed out, a car came in the wrong way and swooped in, stealing the spot from me.  Fine.  At least there’s another one.  Wrong, some other joker followed that first car in and stole the second spot.  I can’t remember if I honked—I should have!—but I did quickly whip off my scarf and was sure to make eye contact with those law breakers.  They didn’t hop in the car and move to let me have the spot, but I sure hope they were at least a little embarrassed that they stole those spots from a bald chick!  (I did manage to find a spot eventually, but was at least ten or fifteen minutes late for my appointment.  Luckily they were understanding, everyone was late, it was a crazy day!)

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