Magic Eight Ball

Emma Clare got a Magic Eight Ball for Christmas. Not being old enough for crushes (I think! Or I hope?) she didn’t have the same questions for the Magic Eight Ball that I remember from middle school slumber parties! So after a few quick questions about whether or not we’d see snow the next day, the kids quickly turned to the subject of my hair. I’ve lost a TON of hair, and there’s no doubt that I did the right thing in shaving it. But I’ve never been completely, shiny-headed bald. I have a little peach fuzz, though it’s much lighter than the hair that fell out. So they, along with the help of the MEB, decided that my hair will come back in curly and blonde. Or red. Or brown. Thankfully not purple, according to a few tries with the MEB. Funny, they didn’t ask about green…

green hair

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