Covering a lot of Ground

on the run

I’m definitely not running as far, as frequently, or as quickly as I would be without chemo.  But Sally and I have been making it a point to meet up at least once a week to run together.  We’re a good pair—she’s got a two year old in stroller slowing her down, so we’re always so relieved when the other wants a walk break!  It was so uncharacteristically warm today, the perfect day for a run.  The other great thing about running with a stroller (or a friend with a stroller, that is) is that I can shed gloves, my jacket, even my hat when it gets too warm.  And while I don’t carry it along with me in the stroller, I did still put on some lipstick before leaving it in the car.  If I’m going to be bald, I want to look healthy and bald.  (The Dior Lip Addict my mom gave me for Christmas is just the perfect amount of natural color.)  Running along the Mt. Vernon trail is always lovely, but Sally and I have some fun chats when we’re together.  You can cover a lot of ground—figuratively and literally—in an hour on the trails.

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