Officially Rescheduled

Grrr.  After a few back and forth phone calls, my surgery has been officially rescheduled for March 13.  I was really pretty bummed about it at first—somehow waiting an extra two weeks seems like an awful long wait!  Plus, that puts my surgery three days before Emma Clare’s birthday, which doesn’t please me at all.  My plastic surgeon is super conservative, though, and apparently studies show that it’s better to wait a little longer after chemo—my body will be able to heal better at that point and better healing leads to a better outcome.  So I’m trying to keep the big picture in mind.  We’ll just do Emma Clare’s birthday party a week early and then we’ll be able to celebrate on her real birthday with her grandparents—a rare treat!  Surgery ends up pretty close to spring break this way, too.  But I think that will work out best for everyone.  My mom can take the kids back with her and Clay’s parents can pick them up from my parents and bring them back after spring break.  Wonder what I’ll do with myself with all that free time?  Somehow I think I’ll figure something out…

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