Major Milestone!

Today was my eighth round of chemo. As in, round eight of eight! I’m trying not to fixate too much on it being the LAST one, as there is still the possibility that I’ll need to do more after surgery. Still, whether this was the last one, or just the last one for a while, I still think it merits celebration! Sally came with me today and since my appointment is about a four and a half hour treatment, we have to eat lunch there. I decided that I wanted a yummy cheese board for lunch, so I headed to Trader Joe’s and stocked up this morning on cheese, bread, and grapes. For dessert, I made chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting, I’ve been wanting to make them for ages. And that frosting was SO good! I made mini cupcakes so I could hand them out to the nurses and my friends at chemo, which was a lot of fun.  I’m sure it seems silly, but I’ll actually kind of miss my time at chemo.  The last few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to score a private room—definitely good for my cheese selection, we needed the extra space and one cheese was a little smelly…  Even so, I’ve made sure to unplug for a bit and push around my infusion pump so that I could chat with my chemo friends.  Michelle finished up last time, but I was able to make sure that the French girl and the other people in the big room with her got some cupcakes.  I’m pretty sure the old guy in the corner thought I was crazy pushing around my pump and carrying cupcakes in the other hand!

chemo round 8

I got home with about five minutes to spare before I needed to get the kids, so I headed to the house to drop off my things and then walk back to the bus stop.  Imagine my surprise (and delight!) to find this scene waiting for me!

photo 1

A few of my friends from the bus stop decorated my door with shiny wrapping paper, balloons, flowers, cookies, and some other little treats to celebrate.  How many times can I say it, I really do have the best friends!

So now begins the long wait for surgery.  But I’m looking forward to feeling a little more normal as the weeks go by– maybe not taking so many naps, having my fingers and toes a little less tingly, seeing what my hair looks like when it starts to grow back!  I’m hoping to make the most of my normal time before another disruption. And I’m really looking forward to another one of those cupcakes!

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