Nothing Like a Little Lipstick

funny face

With chemo all wrapped up, I feel like I’ve finally got some time to do things I’ve neglected.  I had a Christmas exchange at Nordstrom that I’ve been needing to get to, so Sally and I met up there this week.  Thankfully, I ended up with a $25 credit, so we obviously headed right over to the cosmetic counters.  There was a MAC lipstick I’d read about that I wanted to check out.  Unfortunately, it was a pretty dull color, so I appealed to the women working there to help me find a new lipstick color.  My only criteria was that I wanted something that was bold—I’ve found that’s they key to looking happy and healthy while out and about with my bald head wrapped in a scarf.  I’ve always loved a good lipstick, but these past few months, my lipstick choice has been so much more important to me.  The last thing I want is to look sick and pitiful.  The first color she suggested would look “just perfect” on me.  Yep, I agree.  Dubonnet is one of my favorites.  She grabbed another, more neutral tone.  Just like another fave, Cosmo.  She asked about a bright red—I’ve got a couple of those that I really like.  Then she picked out a crazy bright pink.  I pulled out my lipstick pouch to confirm, it was pretty much the same as my Smashbox Fuchsia Flash.  She got distracted by another customer and gave up on us.  Finally after about thirty minutes Sally and I strolled over to the Nars counter and I picked one that I’d never choose, at least I don’t already have that one.  I doubted I’d like it—too fuchsia.  Of course, when the Nars representative told me that she didn’t have any in stock, I knew I’d probably like it after all.  Sure enough, I loved it.  It’s in the mail.  Can’t wait until my new Funny Face arrives.

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