I gave it to the peach (‘cause he’s got hair)

It seems like the number one question these days is about my hair—when will it grow back?  They told me to expect it to start growing back about six weeks after surgery, so I won’t be needing that hairbrush anytime soon.  In fact, I’m not even completely sure where it is…  I think my hair might be starting to thicken up a bit, but what hair is there is still completely blonde.  And just about anyone I meet who’s gone through chemo has curlier hair when it all grows back.  Since it’s still so light, I will probably look bald for a while, but perhaps in a few months I’ll be sporting a spiky ‘do like Charlize Theron at the oscars! Anne Hathaway’s lovely locks will take a little longer to grow, but at least these fashionable ladies have given me a little confidence that I, too, can rock the short hair.  Now we just have to wait for it to grow in!

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