Morning Coffee

morning coffee

I’ll keep this brief, but surgery went well.  A note of caution, if your surgery is not the first one of the day, expect some delays!  We started late and it took a bit longer than usual, so I wasn’t awake and in a room until 10pm!  Just as well, though, as I was starving and they wouldn’t let me eat until morning.  I’ll do more of a recap later perhaps, and I will definitely include some must haves from my packing list.  There are a few things I’m so glad I brought along!

While Clay was getting the kids ready and off to school, Sally stopped by with coffee and treats.  And you know we couldn’t let such a monumental visit pass without snapping a quick pic!  After having pink eye last week, I was so happy to get my contacts back in and be able to wear eye makeup that my mascara was on as soon as the sun came up!

(For those inquiring minds, the marks on my collarbone there are not incisions!  The plastic surgeon was very precise in his marking procedure, and those lines were landmarks from which he took many pre-surgical measurements.)

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