Long Awaited Pathology Report

Truthfully, I guess it’s not so long awaited.  Less than a week after surgery the nurse from my surgeon’s office called to tell me about the pathology report.  Complete pathologic response.  Ummm?  So many questions I wanted to ask.  I guess the fact that the nurse called and not the doctor means that it’s good news that requires no explanation.  But somehow good news is just a little tough to hear at this point, so unexpected, so strange really.  I’m sure it surprised no one I know well when the first thing I did after hanging up was email my oncologist.  Thankfully, she’s super sweet and quick to reply and so within a few minutes I had the news—no cancer in any of the removed tissue and presumably no cancer left anywhere in my body.  But I’m looking forward to sitting down with all my doctors next week—I’m hoping that this means that I won’t need any more treatment, but want to hear it from them before I celebrate.

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