Bed Head

bed head

If you look really closely on the right side of my head (left of the photo), you can a fuzzy little patch of bed head!  Not normally something to be excited about, let alone post on the internet for all to see, but this is proof that I have enough hair to actually get messed up!  Thankfully, fixing it is as easy as hopping out of the shower (or getting my hands wet in the sink!) and smoothing it down with a little product.  My new friend Meg, who started out as Sally’s friend Meg, trimmed up my hair for me a few weeks ago and I had to ask her about product for my new super short hair.  Short hair products are very different than long hair products!  At her suggestion, I got some Aquage Transforming Paste, and it does an awesome job at transforming this fuzzy mess into something that looks a bit more deliberate.  (And yes, that is my painfully old iPhone.  I keep thinking it will stop working and I’ll need a new one, and would you believe it?  That thing just won’t die!)

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