Kids | From the Pen of a Third Grader

2013-05-29 05.29.13 024

I mentioned that I’m a little squeamish about using the term “survivor” and have a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to seeing the pink ribbon plastered all over.  Turns out my precious third grader has adopted the symbol as her own, and even she identifies with the term “breast cancer survivor.”  From the day I told her, I’ve found pink ribbons drawn all over the place, and I’ve had to work hard to convince her she doesn’t need a leotard emblazoned with pink crystals in the shape of a ribbon.  I think I only won that one because she can’t buy it on her own!  But seeing these notes she left me on my sewing machine (where she leaves most of my notes) is making me think about the term survivor again.  While I nearly wince to have to call myself a survivor, maybe it’s important for her that I do.  Maybe I’ll reconsider…

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