More on the hair

Hope you’re not tired of hearing about my hair yet.  A couple of my fellow short-haired friends had a few things to say on yesterday’s post.  First, thanks for all the love on the short hair– I wasn’t fishing for compliments, I promise!  But one friend clearly expressed what was floating around in my mind as I thought about all those comments on my “easy” hair.  She commented that there’s no putting off a haircut when you’ve got short hair, and you have to pony up for the good product.  And she’s so right.  Back in my long hair days, I scheduled my haircuts every 8 weeks, and sometimes put them off a little longer. The only product I used was an Argan oil that I picked up at Sally Beauty, and I sometimes skipped it.  Now, only three or four weeks since my last visit with Dragan, and I’m seriously jonesing for a fresh cut.  Plus, I’m up to three products now– and only one of them is a bargain.  But I’m still loving this ‘do, and I’m working on getting the front to flip up a la Charlize Theron.  Anything I can do to compare myself to Charlize Theron has to be good, right?

short hair products

1. Aquage Trnasforming Paste 2. Goldwell Unlimitor Spray Wax 3. Tres Semme Ultra Fine Mist Hairspray

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