Hair’s the thing…

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So I’ve been thinking a lot about my hair lately.  I think a lot of people have.  You all ask about it– will I let it grow out? Maybe not, not right now, anyway.  According to a post Ashley did, it will take about 4.9 years for my hair to grow out to its former glory.  (I love that she figured that out!) Somehow, I’m not sure a woman over 40 needs hair that long.  Or at least, not this woman.  But mainly, I like it this way.  And not because it’s easy.  Honestly, yes, it is easier than blowing out all that hair before either straightening it or curling it.  Somehow, I’m betting not many people honestly think that I make fashion choices because they’re easy.  If we’ve talked about my hair and you’ve been one of the very many who’ve commented, “Well, at least it’s easy,” that’s ok, please don’t feel bad.  It is easy, and so many people have said it that I don’t have any idea who has.  But I’m realizing that’s not something I’ll say to anyone with really short hair again– whether she has short hair by choice or necessity, to insinuate the best thing about her hair is ease isn’t the biggest compliment.

That being said, I’ve gotten lots of wonderful compliments.  The best compliments come from complete strangers, and they’re my favorite because I know that these people truly like my hair, they’re not just being nice because they figure at least I’m not bald anymore. My most favorite comment? From a man who works in the cosmetic department at Niemann Marcus.  Enough said.

It’s still weird for me.  I catch my reflection in the mirror or see my shadow on the sidewalk and don’t always recognize myself.  I see myself with long hair in my mind, and yet I’m starting to see myself as I look in Sally’s most recent photos, too.  Like maybe it’s fifty-fifty now, sometimes I think of myself with long hair, sometimes short.  I haven’t quite decided how I’d like my hair to look in 4.9 years.  But for now, I think I’m sticking with short.  It tells a story.  When I see my short hair, I am reminded that I am strong, not only that I’ve gotten past cancer, but that I can feel confident with out the long lovely locks that I once considered a major part of my identity.

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