Gettin’ My Groove Back

hardest step
via Pinterest

Starting a new habit is hard.  Breaking a habit? Not so hard. I hated the idea of not running for six weeks after my mastectomy, mostly because I knew it knocked out my chances for the spring half marathon I’d been looking forward to.  But once I knew that race was out of the question, I got used to the sleeping in.  When my six week mandatory stint as a couch potato was over, I was really enjoying that extra time in bed.  I went for a run when I could still sleep in, when it was fun, when it was convenient. Once school let out, though, there aren’t many convenient times to run that don’t involve getting moving early.  I keep rationalizing the sleeping in part– sleeping is still pretty uncomfortable, so isn’t every bit of sleep super valuable?  Knowing that I have another surgery coming up– another mandatory break from running– makes lacing up even harder.  I’ve had the best intentions the last couple of weeks, but busy mornings with camps for the kiddos was just the added excuse I needed.  And so this weekend, I decided the excuses, the rationalizations, the good intentions were all over. It may be hard to get up and out the door, and I’ll probably just really have my groove back when I head back in to surgery, but I’m just going to have to get over it.  So Sunday, my favorite morning for a run, I took the hardest step.  That first one, out the door.  And I’ll just have to keep taking that step over and over, until I’ve really got my groove back.

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