Summer fun

photo 1

Since I managed to score a haircut appointment at the very last minute, I didn’t want to worry with finding childcare for the kiddos.  Plus, I was going to pick up Turner from camp early as it was, taking him back home would mean he’d need to miss even more camp.  So after I picked him up, we headed to Georgetown, and we made it there so quickly!  Not only that, I found a parking spot right away.  I figured we might walk past this super fun water feature and they could run through once.  But we ended up with almost twenty minutes to kill, so they didn’t stay as dry as I’d hoped.  Not dry at all, really.  But they were about to sit through an hour long haircut, and they needed to have their fun too.

photo 2 They were soaked by the time we found our way to the salon.  Thankfully, Heather quickly grabbed them a stack of towels, so they dried off a bit and took a seat on a few towels to read their new library books while Dragan worked his magic on my little locks.

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