Haircut number two

new hair

I know you were all waiting with bated breath for a picture of the hair…  I asked for short, and I got it!  He also gave me some tips– apparently I will need to use the blow dryer a bit and some of my long hair product to help fight those pesky chemo curls.  (He said they will probably calm down within a year or so.)  Hopefully it’s short enough that I won’t be going crazy dying for a cut in five weeks, when I’ll apparently need to have it cut again.  This short hair thing is not as easy as I’d always thought!

2 thoughts on “Haircut number two

  1. it looks great! you do short hair well!
    it isn’t as simple as it looks, is it? i get mine cut every five to six weeks and blow it dry (although, it only takes 5 minutes). a good hair product for short hair – bumble and bumble sumotech. awesome stuff 😉


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