Haircut day!

hair collage

I know you’re all wondering why I haven’t talked about my hair in over a week.  No?  As it turns out, my hair is currently driving me a little bonkers, so you’re going to have to hear about it yet again.  I have these crazy curls– not quite super tight curls, but definitely more than “texture.”  So if I’m not careful, that is, if I don’t over do the product and re-wet it every hour or two, I end up with a fuzzy, round head.  Not a pretty sight.  I’m used to working on my hair, though, so I decided to try out some of my old long hair tricks last week.  On the left, my attempt at a standard blow out.  Really tough to do with short hair– hard to get the brush to grab onto anything to pull it straight.  The result: straighter and more directional, but still pretty fluffy.  On the right, I tried the flat iron.  Also very tough.  (I may have burned myself a couple of times.)  The result: just about every hair on the top of my head stuck straight up, so that didn’t cut down of the fluffy problem either.  Remarkably, I don’t hate these two photos nearly as much as I hated the hair styles in person.  I can’t figure out what’s up with that.  Regardless, I’m not happy with my hair right now.  I figured there was no way I’d get in to see Dragan before I had to break down and cut my own hair, but I was thrilled when I called this week and he had a cancellation for this afternoon!  Of course, I’ve always left a lot to his discretion, but I’m telling him that I’m not trying to grow it out and I want a short ‘do, hopefully one that can last more than a couple of weeks!  Stay tuned for more on the hair drama.  (To see a picture even sooner, follow me on Facebook and Twitter— I’ll probably put something up there right away!)

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