Sleeping Like a Baby


That’s sort of the point I am at now.  And I guess I’m thankful for that, it’s better than just after I was diagnosed with cancer, when I would fall asleep fine from sheer exhaustion, but then wake around 1:30 am, unable to fall back asleep.  (I became rather familiar with the television schedule, I watched Closer reruns at 3am, and Vegas at 4.  I don’t ever remember that even being on in primetime…)  Now, I struggle to fall asleep, and feel like I’m waking up all the time.  Despite the four pillows that I’m now up to, I just can’t get comfortable.  It’s really all because of  the tissue expanders, and once those are out, I anticipate that I’ll sleep like a baby.  One of my babies, who slept through the night almost immediately, not one of those colicky, up-every-hour kind of babies.  If they’re the measure, then I guess I sleep like a baby now.

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