It’s Official.

making strides group

I made some new friends last night.  My first survivor event.  They gave me a pin.  I had to wear it.  It said survivor. You know how I feel about that word.  Apparently the ice breaker at this kind of event is to ask how many years you’ve been a survivor.  So not only am I a bit uncomfortable about that moniker to begin with, but I have no idea how to answer that.  In my mind, I guess I mark survivor status from the date of my surgery, which puts me at almost five months.  One woman thought I should mark it from date of diagnosis, because I’ve been surviving since I heard the surgeon tell me that I had cancer. So that would be ten months. It must be easier when it’s something like five years. At any rate, I suppose it’s official, I’ve got the pin and everything.  I’m a survivor now, and I guess I’m going to have to get used to saying it.

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