Fear Will Not Rule

20130911-205222.jpgGetting dressed this morning, I threw on my favorite tee along with a striped maxi skirt. It’s no surprise to loyal readers that I have a bit of a blog crush on Ashley from lilblueboo. I’m not positive but I think this design may have its origins from the time she was dealing with cancer. At any rate, I rediscovered this tee during my treatment and decided I needed it. I’d do what needed to be done, but I wasn’t going to let fear take over.

It really is a favorite tee, and I didn’t think a thing about wearing it today until this evening, when I was listening to a man recount the events of September 11, twelve years ago. I remembered that day, seeing the plume of smoke coming from the Pentagon from the window of my lab. Driving home on a street where it was uncertain if traffic was one way out of the city (like in afternoon rush) or two ways, like it usually is at that hour. Sitting on unpacked moving boxes in the living room of our brand new house, watching network coverage because we hadn’t gotten cable yet. And I remember a few days later, after the figurative and literal dust had settled, driving back to Georgetown and being greeted at the end of the Key Bridge by heavily armed National Guard troops. Those were scary days, and we all made a choice, whether or not we knew it. We decided that week. Fear will not rule.

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