I’m with stupid.

I feel like this is the shirt I need lately. (Note to creative-type readers, this is not the tee that I want, I don’t really see myself wearing it, so no need to get all crafty and gift me one!)

When I got my port put in, they put it high on my chest just under my clavicle on my right side. For the first week, it was very painful. The constant pain eventually subsided, but it was always a bit of a sensitive area. I was relieved that the port would come out during my mastectomy, but then I went home with the tissue expanders. I had them just shy of six months, and for the entire time, my right side bothered me. It wasn’t unbearable, but the constant tightness was always tighter on the right, and the spasms that started to really drive me crazy at the end were always on the right side. After last week’s surgery, despite the fact that I was far more bruised on the left, there’s almost no pain or discomfort there. Any residual muscle and back pains (very minor) and most of the weird, tingly irritation is still on the right side! As I was telling Sally this, I mentioned the irony: the cancer was on the left. That explained it, she told me. I chopped off a perfectly healthy breast and now it’s getting even.

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