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I was talking on the phone to my mom one morning last week and when she asked my plans for the day, I told her I was meeting a friend for coffee.  She remarked that I sure do meet people for coffee an awful lot.  (Sally brought along her camera when we had coffee with Maria Jose last week, there are more pictures here.)

I was talking to someone else today and they commented that something like cancer puts things in perspective, makes you realize the important things.  It occurred to me, coffee has become one of those important things.  I wasn’t always a coffee drinker, it’s only been the last two or three years that I’ve enjoyed my morning coffee.  Even now, I do enjoy my coffee, but I’m more of a social drinker. And that’s what is really important to me.

Before last year, I still had a preschooler, and time to myself was limited, precious, and usually filled with a busy to-do list.  So with Turner in kindergarten last year, in theory, I did have more time for coffee.  Sally and I joke that cancer made me popular, though.  I had coffee with a few brand new friends and with some old friends who I would have likely met up with regardless. I also got to know better some friends who reached out to me during my treatment.  That time was so special to me, it was fun to spend time with friends old and new, and it was a brilliant distraction. An hour or two (plus the time to get myself ready and back home) pretty much filled my morning but still left me with the afternoon to nap.  Much more fun chatting with a friend than dwelling on cancer and my own mortality.

If I’ve learned one thing from last year, it’s that I have been blessed with countless wonderful friends.  I don’t even have the words to express what they all mean to me. I do love the coffee, but it’s not so much the coffee that’s important, it’s the friend behind the second cup that really matters.  And while the cancer and those blissfully long naps are behind me, I’m not willing to give up my coffee dates.

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